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About Tensai Kids

Kids are simply amazing, their ability to grasp new concepts and their interest in all things fun.

Tensai kids recognizes that for kids to grow up to love learning, especially sciences, the foundation is essential, to ensure they are not only liking sciences, but also liking the learning process, they are continously curious and always seeking new knowledge. We do our best to ensure kids grow to be life-long learners and have fun while at it.

Grade One

G1 - Life Sciences


  • Learn About Living Things
  • Parts of Plants
  • Different Plants
  • Flowers, Fruits and Seeds


  • Kinds of Animals
  • What Animals Need to Live
  • How Animals Eat Food
G1 - Earth and Space Sciences

Learning About The Earth

  • How The Earth Looks Like
  • Rocks and Soil
  • Changing The Land

Caring For The Earth

  • Earth's Resources
  • Using The Earth's Resources
  • Saving The Earth's Resources


  • Spring and Summer
  • Fall and Winter
G1 - Physical Sciences

Matter Everywhere

  • Describing Matter
  • Matter Can Change
  • Making Mixtures
  • Heat Can Change Matter

Motion and Energy

  • Position and Motion
  • Pushes and Pulls
  • Magnets
  • Energy and Heat
  • Electricity

Grade Two

G2 - Life Sciences


  • What Living Things Need
  • Plants Make New Plants
  • How Plants Are Alike and Different


  • Animal Groups
  • Animals Grow and Change
  • Staying Alive


  • Places to Live
  • Food Chains and Food Webs
  • Habitats Change
G2 - Earth and Space Sciences

Earth in Space

  • Day and Night
  • Why Seasons Happen
  • The Moon and Stars

Observing Weather

  • Weather
  • The Water Cycle
  • Changes in Weather
G2 - Physical Sciences


  • Sound
  • Light

Grade Three

G3 - Life Sciences

A Look at Living Things

  • Living Things and Their Needs
  • Animals and Their Parts
  • Classifying Animals
  • Animal Life Cycles

Survival in Ecosystems

  • Food Chains and Food Webs
  • Types of Ecosystems
  • Adaptations

Changes in Ecosystems

  • Living Things Change Their Environments
  • Changes Affect Living Things
  • Living Things of the Past
G3 - Earth and Space Sciences


  • Earth’s Features
  • Weathering and Erosion

Using Earth’s Resources

  • Minerals and Rocks
  • Soil
  • Fossils and Fuels
G3 - Physical Sciences

Forces and Motion

  • Position and Motion
  • Forces
  • Work and Energy

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